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Robi vs Andrea - catfight

Robi vs Andrea has rapidly become an event at IFW right after the challenge had been taken. However, in this video there is something more that will make it stand out from all IFW production for some time: not only the time limit is 30 minutes, but we are shooting outdoor, under the rain - which is by no means making them hold back - and one of the two, in spite of the initial agreement, grabs the other's hair and a terrific catfight erupts. Just check Robi's and Andrea's faces in the photos, they are self-explanatory. For all the rest just get the video...

Andrea vs Victoria, catfight!

Andrea vs Victoria tells of a rivalry which started the day they met and certainly deserves these few lines in the home page of IFW. Victoria debuted approximately one year ago in a hot summer day and caught many by surprise, demolishing Robi against all odds ( Then Victoria went all-in trying to take Andrea too (, but maybe because she was too tired or for lack of experience, she wouldn't succeed.
Nevertheless she has always believed to be stronger than Andrea and she has always wanted to prove it on the mats whenever it was possible. In fact, their following matches don't leave room for the smalles doubt about the competition, rivalry and animosity between the two.
The catfight is the last act of the 3 extremely hard matches between the two.